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Human Ecology is a new scientific discipline. The focus of research is the cause-effect relationship and the interaction between society, man and environment. The core lies in a holistic perspective which includes the physical, cultural, economic and political aspects. The term Human Ecology goes back to the Chicago School of Sociology at 1920. Since then it has spread as and special concept of research in science, humanities and all fields of planning as well as in medical science. Read more here.


- New -

The next symposium of the German Society for Human Ecology (DGH)
takes place May 11
th - 13 th May 2017 in Sommerhausen am Main:

Philosophische Aspekte der Nachhaltigkeitsforschung und der Humanökologie

– Wissensintegration, Menschenbild, Ethik –

(programme, register now)



- The Film-

"40 years of German Society for Human Ecology"

history, work and relevance of the German Society for Human Ecology (DGH)
by Georg Burkart und Gesine Glaeser, 2016 (11 Min.):
on Youtube:


- New Publication -

- Volume 9 of the Edition Humanökologie edited by Karl-Heinz Simon und Felix Tretter (Oktober 2015):

Systemtheorien und Humanökologie

- Volume 10 of the Edition Humanökologie edited by Angelika Franz-Balsen und Lenelis Kruse (summer 2016):

Human Ecology Studies and Higher Education for Sustainable Development.
European Experiences and Examples


- Just Finished -

Symposium of the German Society for Human Ecology (DGH), 7 -9 May 2015 in Sommerhausen am Main

"Umwelt und Gesundheit"

Ökologie der Person im Anthropozän


First Summer University of the European College for Human Ecology 9. - 23. August 2015

„The Future of Food Sustainability“